The $1 Campaign

What is it?

Countless women and children in Ethiopia are living in some of the deepest poverty imaginable – many of them living on less than a dollar a day. Women all across Ethiopia resort to begging or prostitution in order to survive and feed their children. They are stuck in cycles of poverty, prostitution and despair.

The $1 Campaign is an answer to this. By joining, you’re agreeing that it’s not fair for these families to live this way. You’re becoming their partner and helping them start a new life. Each and every dollar donated brings hope to women and children in Ethiopia.


This is a simple fundraising campaign that allows everyone to get involved and become partners in spreading hope to the hopeless.

We believe that you, like most people, are interested in making a positive impact on the world. The $1 Campaign allows you to easily get involved in bringing hope to the hopeless. By giving a dollar and asking others to do the same, you become a direct partner with Fields of Hope and join the process of restoring lives.

You are the key to making this happen! By joining this campaign and sharing it with others, you help us expand our reach. The more people who get involved, the easier it becomes to raise money and spread hope to the hopeless.

How can I get involved?

First, donate a dollar.

Donate $1

Second, think of five people you know and invite them to join the campaign.

They donate a dollar and then nominate five more people. And on it goes.

This can happen on social media by tagging your friends, it could happen at your workplace by sharing it with your coworkers, it could happen in your small group, your church, your book club…really, this campaign can be done anywhere!

While most people will probably find it easiest to donate the $1 through our website, checks can also be mailed to:

Fields of Hope
PO Box 5044
York, PA 17405

If you have any questions about how to join this campaign, please reach out to Dan Butera or Ruth Habtegeorgis

How will the money be used?

Our goal for this campaign is to raise a million dollars. Here’s how we plan to use that money:

We are currently focused on Yetesfa Mesk International Academy, our first project in Ethiopia. This is a tuition free school that provides top quality education, healthy meals and support for the entire family.

The second project is a coffee shop that will provide fair paying, meaningful employment to women. The steady income from this job will allow these women to feed their families properly and teach them that they are worth more than society would lead them to believe.

The third project is a farm that will be a safe haven for women coming from some of the most difficult of circumstances. They will be able to live on the farm as long as it takes for their lives to be restored. During that time they can work the land, take care of the animals, have access to counselling and overall be supported as they transition from their difficult lives into new and beautiful ones.

We cannot wait to see the new stories of hope, freedom and restoration that will be told about these women and their children.

If you have any questions at all about our finances, please feel free to Contact Fields of Hope



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