The Challenge

In Ethiopia, there are hundreds of thousands of women who are working as prostitutes. Many of them are working in low-level red light districts. In these areas, there are rows of tiny houses which are barely larger than the bed that they hold. The women rent these houses and have to pay each day – many times the rent goes above 100 USD per month. On average, these women get paid a mere 1 USD per client and generally work all throughout the day and night. It is becoming increasingly common for young girls – even younger than 10 years old – to be working as prostitutes in these red light districts. If they are not able to make enough money in a day to pay their landlord or pimp, then they quickly become indebted to them. This pushes the women further down the cycle of poverty, prostitution and despair.

Unfortunately, there are many single mothers in Ethiopia with nobody to watch their children. They are in a tough situation of needing to secure income for their family, but not being able to work at a normal job for eight hours a day. Many of them end up begging on the streets or entering prostitution.

Changing the Cycle

Our goal is simple, to give these women hope. Hope of a new life, hope that their children might have better opportunities than they had, hope that they won’t always have to struggle each day just to survive. We firmly believe in the power of hope and that it has the amazing ability to transform lives. While many women and children are living in cycles of poverty, prostitution and despair all across Ethiopia

Currently, we are operating a tuition-free preschool in Addis Ababa – the capital city of Ethiopia. All of our students come from families who are the poorest of the poor. They have persevered through some of the most traumatic and unimaginable stories that we have ever heard – they are quite amazing, really. We are honored to serve them in this way.

Not only does the school provide high quality free education in a safe environment, but we are also committed to feeding the students nutritious food daily. In addition, we will also support the mothers through parental support, counseling and skills training. Furthermore, we seek to support the whole family and community at large with after school programs and other community outreach efforts.

Who We Are

Fields of Hope was founded in 2009 by Dan Butera and Ruth Habtegeorgis out of a love for Jesus and an understanding of His heart for the poor. Growing up on different sides of the world, we met in 2007 in Ethiopia. After many emails, phone calls and seeing each other when Dan would take trips to Ethiopia, we were engaged in March of 2009 and married in November of 2009. We also have a group of people in Ethiopia who are joined together with us in this work and help in more ways than we can even explain here! There are also countless people around the world who support us. This definitely is and will always be a group effort!


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Partnering With Us

We hope that you will consider partnering with us as we serve the poorest of the poor in Ethiopia. Your financial contributions are extremely necessary for us to keep up with the ongoing costs of running the school. By partnering with us, you are directly involved in providing the hope of an education to those who need it most.

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