A few days ago we had the privilege of getting to know our students and their parents a bit better. We took time with each parent to further explain our school, what we expect from them and what they can expect from us. We then gave them the option of registering for our school. We approached it this way out of a desire to respect these families throughout this whole process of serving them. Just because they are poor doesn’t mean they should be treated as if they are worth less than anyone else!
While the parents were meeting with some of our staff, we gave the new students an opportunity to color or play with toys in our newly painted multi-purpose room. We had just picked up our order of paper mâché furniture from a local artisan and it was awesome to see these kids enjoying all the bright colors.



It was a very humbling time for us to hear all of the difficulties that these families have faced over the years and how they have overcome challenge after devastating challenge. They have already proven that they will go to extreme lengths to provide for their children and that their love for them has no end. We hope to share more of their stories in the months ahead. But we at least wanted to share a few of their pictures with you for now.


We are beyond excited to start the school year and we cannot wait to see what amazing stories of renewal and hope will spring out of their lives!