It has been an exciting couple of months both for Fields of Hope and for Ruth and I personally. Let me catch you up on a few things…

The school project is progressing well. You may remember that we applied to the Ethiopian Embassy in DC at the end of August to officially register Fields of Hope in Ethiopia. We have heard from many people that this is a process that can easily take years. We were prepared for that, but were also trusting God that our application would go faster than most. We had three offices that we had to deal with here in Ethiopia: Foreign Affairs, Charities and Societies and the Ministry of Education. All of them had to review and approve our school project proposal for Yetesfa Mesk International Academy.

While things took longer than we would have liked at times, we are thrilled to announce that we just received word that the project is approved! The Ministry of Education signed off on our project proposal this Monday. We then took it back to the Charities and Societies office, who are the final ones to give their stamp of approval and give us our license to work in Ethiopia. That process didn’t even take a day and they have already scheduled our name to be printed in the newspaper, which is the last step of officially registering in Ethiopia. In less than two weeks, that newspaper will be printed!

We are very excited by this and thankful to God for helping us through the whole process. There is still plenty of work to be done, plenty of money to be raised and a long journey ahead. But, this is a huge step forward and we couldn’t be more encouraged right now!

Now for a bit of really exciting personal news…Ruth and I are expecting our first child this August! We are beyond happy about this and can’t wait to meet our beautiful baby. We were originally planning to have the child here in Ethiopia, but after much prayer and discussion with our teams (both in Ethiopia and in the US), everyone agreed that we should be in the US to have the child. Because the airline will not allow us to fly after Ruth reaches a certain point in her pregnancy and because it is recommended to wait until the baby is two months old before you fly, we will be coming back to Pennsylvania in mid May and will be staying until sometime in October (depends on exactly when the baby is born). We look forward to seeing all of our family and friends in the states again soon!

Check out this picture showcasing both the approved project proposal and the baby bump!

IMG_3003 - Version 2