Today was an awesome day. We got together with some of the children (and their moms) who we are helping get into school. Today we gave them backpacks filled with exercise books, pencils, erasers, etc. They had already received their school uniforms some days before and came today wearing them. I’ve been trying to come up with words that I could write here to explain the feeling in the air as we were giving them these things. It was incredible. The smiles on their faces (both the children and the moms) were amazing.

All of their moms work in one of our existing projects – collecting trash, little shops, serving tea and snacks at one of the local government offices, or other various small jobs. Most of them live in very small, crammed houses (usually only a room or two and maybe as many as twelve people living there). They may even make less money as they did when they were working as a prostitute. But they were all so happy. Even though they have so little, they find something to be happy about. Today, that happiness was because of their children. I was watching one of the moms help her daughter (maybe 6 or 7 years old) put on her uniform. They were both smiling. I kept wondering what they were thinking or saying to each other. I wondered if the mom was so happy and relieved because she knew that her daughter wouldn’t be forced into a life of prostitution, because now she has a way out. It was a beautiful site.

I feel so blessed and humbled to have been a part of this little ceremony today. To see these children so excited about their new backpacks and school supplies. To see the look of anticipation on their faces and they prepare to go to school. It was incredibly beautiful. I wish you could have experienced it too. I kept thinking to myself how amazing it is that with just a little bit of our help these children’s future will change drastically. I was especially noticing the young girls and felt so relieved that they won’t have to work as a prostitute in a few years. What a difference was made today!

Take a look at the pictures I’ve attached. Especially the first one. Her name is Hannah. She had nothing but smiles on her face the whole time. You can see in the second picture that Hannah couldn’t even contain her smile when she was receiving her backpack. That was the girl who’s mom was helping her get her uniform on. Hannah has a bright future in her life.

Calling Students
Boy and Backpack
Playing With Backpacks
Group Shot
The Mothers
Happy with Backpack